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A very personal view of Hong Kong through my eyes. Hong Kong is one of those places you never forget, I have been there a number of times now and it never ceases to amaze me. Incredible modern, futuristic and dwarfing architecture nestled in around small side street bustling with smiling people, vibrant colour and distinct smells. There is definitely something for everyone, and if you want to explore further there are a number of small islands dotted around that are well worth a visit. Hong Kong is enjoyable by day, but a night it seems to take on a totally different light, the wash of orange light bathing the city creates a dramatic backdrop to the towering skyline.

Although pretty large, almost everywhere is accessible by walking. Choose the smaller streets rather than the busy main roads and there will be something interesting to look at at every corner, a photographers dream. Amongst the 'must do' sights in Hong Kong must be a trip up the Peak Tram at night to get a full view over the city, it really makes you realise quite how much is packed into such as small area, well designed and well ordered. Take a trip to the 'Happy Valley' horse racing track, a sport taken very seriously with almost every man and his dog having a little flutter on the horses. Amazing atmosphere and well worth the effort battling through the crowds.

You can literally spend hours in just one small section of the markets, tasting and smelling all the different food, spices and fruit. It amazes me that you find entire streets dedicated to single themed items, for instance just buttons, or fabric, or nails. I love it, it hope to be back there sometime soon.

I hope you enjoy my images, I had great fun capturing them over several trips.
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